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With iTunes, you can easily manage iOS devices, play video and audio files, and download new content via Apple Music and the iTunes Store. The app excels at dealing with music, but it offers all-in-one support for your entertainment needs.

One of the greatest things about iTunes is that you can manage and import music files that you already own. The music library feature provides dozens of ways to organize your favorite songs, and you can browse via a number of metrics. If you like to create your own playlists from scratch, you can do so, or you can create smart playlists like 'Purchased' that show what songs you've bought over time. There are some file formats not supported by iTunes, but this is still one of the benchmark apps for music organization and playback.

The iTunes Store is an impressive assortment of videos, movies, podcasts, music, and more. If you own multiple devices with iTunes installed, you can access content purchased from the iTunes Store simply by signing in with your connected Apple ID.

iTunes also supports the relatively new Apple Music service, which is Apple's main music streaming service. When you buy a subscription to Apple Music, you can access the Apple Music library, which contains more than 30 million songs. You'll continue to have access to these songs as long as your subscription is valid. There are also numerous radio stations included in the service. Using sophisticated algorithms, the service can build personalized stations from any individual song you select.

With iTunes, you'll be able to manage and control any iPhone, iPod, or iPad connected with your Apple ID. When syncing the device, you can choose the content that gets loaded onto the device. The functionality here is fairly intuitive and smooth, but there are several things that could be done better.

Perhaps the main issue is the fact that it's not possible to update a single facet of the device. For example, you can't update only the video library. Whenever a sync happens, even if you've selected to only add music and no other content, the process still creates a backup and copies all apps to the computer. This can be a bit annoying if you're in a hurry.

However, the backup system is superb, and it takes little time or effort to import a backup into a new device.

One of the only complaints that you'll repeatedly hear about iTunes is that it contains too many features. The app does do quite a bit, but it remains efficient and fast. Not everyone uses all the features, but all the features are used by someone. It shouldn't be surprising considering the name of the app, but it feels a bit heavily-skewed toward music as opposed to TV or movie content.


  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Easily Create Playlists
  • Integrated Music Streaming via Apple Music
  • Automatic Radio Station Curation


  • Low Number of Filetypes Supported
  • Excessive, Possibly Extraneous Features

iTunes is a program that allows you to watch videos and listen to audio files and download content from the iTunes store. It can even manage of your iOS devices. The newest version of iTunes has been redesigned in order to make things easier and more efficient.

The popular iCloud now has better integration on the newest version of iTunes. Every track that you have bought from the iTunes store will show up in your library whether you have downloaded the file or not. All you have to do is click on the album to download it to your computer. However, you do not need to download the track to listen to it, as you can stream any file directly from the cloud.

The iTunes store has also been redesigned, and it shows featured content at the top of the list. The lists are easier to browse, making it easy to find the tracks you are looking for. The store will also have suggested tracks based on the content that you already have in your music library. However, iTunes still doesn't offer a streaming service.

The layout is easier, and the default album view takes up the entire window. The bar on the left has been removed, as most users did not use that feature in previous editions. Browsing through your music is easy, and iTunes also creates a colored background that is unique to each album.

The new iTunes software also allows you to add songs to a queue so that you can listen to the songs that you want without needing to create playlists. This new feature is called Up Next, and you can add whatever songs you would like in any order.

Creating a playlist is easier with the new version of iTunes. You no longer have to navigate between the playlist and your entire library of music. There is a panel that shows up on the right that will allow you to add songs and change your playlists without moving from one page to another.

The mini player has also been redesigned, making it easier to navigate between the tracks that you are playing. You will also be able to modify your Up Next queue from the mini player and a search box so that you can search your library for specific songs to play. Your iOS devices now show up as a button at the top of the software, and you can click on it to go to the page where you can manage your device.

iTunes makes it simple to manage all of your tracks and movies across all of your devices. The software is now much easier to comprehend and is one of the best media players available.


  • Simple to use
  • Up Next makes it easier to play the tracks you want
  • Playlists are easier to create


  • Supports limited file formats
  • Large download
  • No streaming music from the iTunes Store

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